Startup Accelerator | An un-conference where entrepreneurs and resource providers alike learn and improve their prospects together What makes StartupAccelerator different? Education sessions for both entrepreneurs and those who support them, created by the participants. Interactive learning instead of sales pitches. Open ‘unconference’ format–structured events and times, freedom to move between events. Wear comfortable clothes and feel free to move around. Hands-on activities for building your social profile, marketing plan, intellectual property protection, corporate structure, and talent recruitment. Not a “sit and get”. Constant networking and connecting with your peers. Learn from others how to start your idea. Be on a level playing field with presenters and participants. Ample opportunities for social networking around common interests beyond starting your vision.” />

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Startup Accelerator

Startup Accelerator is an event where everyone can contribute and pick topics to learn or teach. Bring your expertise, creativity and curiosity. If you have a project, are an entrepreneur, a professional, an idea person or just need a fresh perspective, this is for you.

How is Startup Accelerator different?


Colorado Stark Hands Out Diplomas at Plovdiv University

On Saturday, March 25th graduation ceremonies were held at Plovdiv University Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI). Students who finished in the top of their class, received special honors during Graduation. Colorado Stark was one of the people handing out diplomas to the top students.

Startup Accelerator a key part of Global Entrepreneurship Week at UW-Madison

Startup Accelerator 7 was the last event of Global Entrepreneurship week at UW-Madison in November. SUA members also participated in judging the whiteboard challenge and presented at the Gilson Bootstrapping Series. Learn more about the events at the UW-Madison Office of Corporate Relations website.

Hackathon and mobile workshop this weekend in Milwaukee

Random Hacks of Kindness global hackathon will be taking place at Bucketworks on 706 S 5th St in Milwaukee (as well as in 34 other cities around the globe!).

This event aims to bring together experts on real world social problems with hackers, designers, programmers, scientists and world-saving enthusiasts to build technology which solves these problems. The main focus will be on water and disaster management issues, but anything that helps make the world a better place is fair game!

Lunch, team building and the problem presentations will begin on Saturday at 12:30pm at Bucketworks. Hacking will commence at 2pm on Saturday and finish at 2pm on Sunday, 24 hours later. You are free to come and go as you please, there is no requirement to hack for 24 hours straight, but the space will be available to you if you choose to use it.

Meals will be provided through out! Prizes will be awarded to teams for best water solution, best disaster solution, best design and a sponsored challenge from WaterTech USA.

For more information and to register, please visit this URL:

On Saturday morning, there will be a mobile workshop held at Open MiKE (in the Grand Ave Mall) from 9:30am to 12:00pm. If you're interested in mobile strategy, development and design, please register here:

To kick off the festivities for both events, there will be a pre-party at Open MiKE on Friday at 5:30pm, which will feature beer from Big Bay Brewing Company and a tasting from the Great Lakes Distillery.

Hope to see you there!

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