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Diagnosing your business problems with E-M8

What if you had a tool that could tell you where your business needs most work to focus you all the time? E-M8 is such a tool. I will be teaching it to anyone who is interested at SA4.

Exciting sessions coming to SA3

 With only 9 days left to Startup Accelerator 3, I am really looking forward to an opportunity to share some of the new tools I have learned over the summer. 

Selling session during StartupAccelerator 1

I happen to record the discussion during StartupAccelerator and realized that it is worth sharing so enjoy:

StartupAccelerator Makes a Difference

StartupAccelerator, an initiative of BizStarts, Bucketworks and CATI, to bring together people interested in starting and operating businesses in an informal, self organizing fashion is bea

Systems thinking

TRIZ (pronounced /ˈtriːz/) is a romanized acronym for Russian: Теория решения изобретательских задач (Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch) meaning "The theory of solving inventor's problems" or



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