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My thoughts about branding

Are you planning to diversify the company or just sell one type of product? I am just thinking about the future growth.  If you are planning to expand product lines you should think about renaming the company. If not, then I will just update the current logo.I just want you to know about your options.Uniek - is the #2 maker of picture frames in the U.S. The distributed to mass-marketing retail chains like Wal-mart, Target, and Office Depot. They also sell photo albums, framed mirrors, art, and craft items.  The name is very general, so the company can sell anything under this name.There are several ways to brand - the four common ways to brand a company.1. Branded house - GE lumps all its products and solutions under its corporate wing (GE- Medical, GE Appliances,  Nike|Women, etc.) Note the only shared identity for each area is the core identity. They don't carry any distinction on their own, other than their names. (Nike  symbol / identifier or nike| identifier ( segmentation)Other examples - FedEX, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight.The companies sale and advertising is generally under the companies name.2. Sub-brandsHere the product or service begins to establish its own identity, usually with a unique name, but remains under the corporate wing. Buick,  product name is LeSabre or Toyota - product name is MR2 SpyderSale and advertising - promotes both Company and product names.3, Endorsed brandsNow the product or service has a unique identity, and the corporation stands in the background. Air Jordan by Nike,  and Polo by Ralph Lauren.   The name has advertising power.Is his name like Air Jordan - Basketball, Gary Fisher - mountain bikes, Greg LeMond, road bikes or Ralph Lauren, Fashion.  We should only use his name if he is well known in the industry. If not then we would just tell the story about why he invented the product on the web site or printed materials to promote good health and safety.4. House of brandsIn the house of brands, each product or service has its own unique identity, with no mention of the corporation. (Procter and Gamble (main company) = Tide, Cascade etc,)  Usually larger companies that can advertise each brand. Sales and advertising are treated like individual companies.