StartupAccelerator Makes a Difference | An un-conference where entrepreneurs and resource providers alike learn and improve their prospects together

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StartupAccelerator Makes a Difference

StartupAccelerator, an initiative of BizStarts, Bucketworks and CATI, to bring together people interested in starting and operating businesses in an informal, self organizing fashion is bearing fruit. With close to a 100 people in attendance, during this day long event, the participants developed their own agenda, desided on the meetings of interest to them, picked the presenters right out of the audience and learned a lot. Unlike a traditional conference or a networking event, StartupAccelerator truly captures the spirit of entrepreneurship and shows that, given the chance, we can govern ourselves in a highly effective manner. Lawyers and accountants, marketing and selling experts, research and development gurus, collaboration facilitators and even a speech coach all freely shared their knowledge and learned from each other. The open nature of StartupAccelerator (it is a free and open to general public event) has attracted many people from various walks of life. But all of them from teenagers to retiries had the same interest in seeing their own and other businesses in the area become prosperous. This spirit of giving poured itself in attendees donating a trunk full of non-perishable food to Hunger Task Force and platters of perishable food to Social Rehabilitation and Residential Resources, Inc.