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On Saturday, March 25th graduation ceremonies were held at Plovdiv University Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI). Students who finished in the top of their class, received special honors during Graduation. Colorado Stark was one of the people handing out diplomas to the top students.

Stark teaches a course in C++ programming at the university. Additionally, his company has been actively working with the university since 2013 with various on site training programs at his offices.

Stark has been running several software companies in Plovdiv, Bulgaria since 2009. His business currently employs 100 people in the city of Plovdiv. According to Stark, "Plovdiv is a great place to run a business. The environment here is perfect for startups".

 The Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski, also known as The Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, is a university located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was founded in 1962 and has nine faculties. The university currently has a staff of 561 and about 18,000 students. It is the city’s leading cultural and scientific institution. It is the largest institution of higher education in southern Bulgaria and the third largest in Bulgaria.

Colorado Stark has been a software entrepreneur since 1999. You can contact him on Instagram if you have any questions.

“My impression is that this is what a community of learners should be like and our public schools need to be more like this”

Capturing Science @ Startup Accelerator 5

“I'm in the incubator program at EIGERlab.... I came today to find out more about resources and answer some patent questions”

James @ Startup Accelerator 5

“Startup Accelerator to me would be: a collaborative effort where people ... that have different backgrounds give you a new perspective”

Participant @ Startup Accelerator 5

“Good for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to know how to get from their idea to actually doing it”

Kristen @ Startup Accelerator 5

“The sessions are so free to be exactly what they are and what they need to be. So, people are asking questions, people are interrupting.... They're like, 'I'm here to get what I need' and I love that.”

Hal @ Startup Accelerator 5

“If you really want a place ... that will give you what you need to start a business, run a business or expand a business this is a good place to go”

Paul @ Startup Accelerator 5

“Just saying what [my project] was and talking about it passionately in the group gave me some good ideas”

Jonathan Weber @ Startup Accelerator 5

“It's a hive of knowledge and experts in one location”