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Business development, market development, education and consulting to Early Stage enterprises 

 2Bridge2 provides the following services; business concept evaluation, ideation, business planning development and evaluation, global market development, global business development, marketing, PR, and sales development and training. 

 2Bridge2 has several focus areas;

1. Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship

The BIE group includes development and educational programs for early stage and young business entities. This is often a single individual at the stage of sole proprietorship. Programs include concept evaluation, ideation and brainstorming focused on finding the optimal market entry direction and strategy, general assessment of the business and requirements and business planning for success. 

The BIE group also provides team development path consulting; describing team positions and requirements, describing advisor and mentor positions and the expected interaction, developing selection and on-boarding approaches, recognizing management styles required, defining management and discipline tools, and assisting with contracting, hiring and releasing management team members.

2. Medical Diagnostics Development

The MDD group is focused on the development of cellular and molecular diagnostic tools for oncology. The markets addressed are oncology research (Research Use Only products), clinical development of oncology therapeutics and the broader patient therapeutic markets. 

3. Ubiquitous and Boundless Education

The UBE group is focused on developing primarily on-line educational content appropriate for both the age and the technical level of the audience. Imagine an adult learner just starting out in science. The language of the site should be different than for a 9 year old child starting out at the same technical level. The initial focus is on the sciences of physics and chemistry. Expansion to mathematics and biology are in the development pathway.