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Design Concepts

An Innovation and Product Design Consultancy


We’re innovation experts in design and strategy. We help companies develop products and services that build brands and business. We uncover needs, find opportunities and design solutions that build business success for our clients.

Our solutions build powerful connections between products and the people who use them. We make it safer for an infant to receive life-saving medication. We make it faster for a patient to heal a broken bone. We make it possible for world-class or weekend athletes to play at the top of their game. We make it easier to shine the spotlight center stage on Broadway.

Our clients include some of the world’s most recognizable brands and some that are ready to be noticed. And while we’re deeply involved in the development of medical devices, we’ve developed award-winning, head-turning solutions for consumer goods and commercial industries, too.

Simply put, our job is to develop great ideas that create great results for our clients. Our solutions build our clients’ brands, grow their businesses and improve their bottom lines.

That’s the power of innovation. That’s the promise of design.