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UW-Madison Master of Science in Biotechnology Program

The MS in Biotechnology is an ideal way for working professionals to advance their careers.

The Master of Science in Biotechnology at UW-Madison is an ideal solution for working professionals advancing their careers in the biotechnology field.  Distinctive for a cross-disciplinary curriculum relevant tot eh commercialization of new technoogy, the program address fundamental scientific topics, business strategices, and legal and ethical perspectives.

The degree is intended for scientists, technical professionals, businss strategists, and attorneys who seek a respected graduate credential without interrupting their careers to pursue full-time studies.

Graduates are prepared to lead product development, create new companies, or foster policies that will responsibly advance the field.

The Master of Science in Biotechnology produces results for professionals seeking to move into positions of greater responsibility or leadership.

  • More than 90% of graduates cite a "significant or considerable" impact on their careers pre-graduation.
  • As of 2007, five successful companies have spun out of the program.
  • Graduates of the program report back an average salary of $93,400.

Evening and weekend courses allow students to work full-time while they complete the program, so the application of course content happens in tandem with students gaining valuable professional experience and not having to "sit out" from their careers while pursuing the degree.

The program is unique for its level of application. Industry-drawn faculty team with UW researchers to teach courses collaboratively, integrating the distinct perspectives of research and application. The entire program is taught off-site, in industry settings, to emphasize the environments and locales in which technologies are fostered on their way to market.

The Master of Science in Biotechnology requires 24 graduate credits earned by completing the courses listed below. The program is fast-paced and designed for completion within two years.

Students move through the program in a cohort of no more than 24 other working professionals with whom they complete coursework and team-based projects.

The sequence of courses is as follows:

Year 1, Spring Semester (6 credits)

Year 2, Spring Semester (6 credits)


Academic Requirements

A significant strength of our program is the diversity and experience of the student cohort entering each year. For this reason, students with several years' work experience are strongly favored for admission.

To qualify for the Master of Science in Biotechnology program, an applicant should have a bachelor's degree (minimum GPA 3.0) with a minimum of two semesters of biology or other related life science courses.

In addition, applicants will provide three letters of recommendation from teachers, supervisors, or researchers. When all application information is on file, a personal or phone interview will be scheduled.

Factors in Admission

GPAs, work experience, letters of recommendation and the applicant's statement of their academic career goals are the primary criteria used in the admission process.

Financial Aid

Direct financial support from the M.S. program is not available. However, students can contact the Office of Student Financial Services to discuss federal loan programs and other lending opportunities. Students interested in financial assistance should call Student Financial Services at (608) 262-3060.

Additional information in a comprehensive PDF document regarding tuition costs and fees.

UW Madison Office of Corporate Relations

OCR is the front door to university resources for business and industry and focuses on providing service to firms

Established in 2003, OCR serves as the front door to university resources for business and industry and focuses on providing service to companies

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a long history of providing valuable assistance to business and industry in the state, and around the globe. Today, as the needs of the business community grow increasingly complex, the university's Office of Corporate Relations (OCR) plays an even more critical role in serving and growing 21st century companies.

Established in 2003, OCR serves as the front door to university resources for business and industry and focuses on providing service to companies in the following areas:

  • Recruiting UW-Madison graduates and interns
  • Providing executive education and professional development
  • Accessing faculty and staff expertise
  • Advancing technology transfer
  • Enhancing global competency
  • Fostering entrepreneurship

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