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Startup Accelerator a key part of Global Entrepreneurship Week at UW-Madison

Startup Accelerator 7 was the last event of Global Entrepreneurship week at UW-Madison in November. SUA members also participated in judging the whiteboard challenge and presented at the Gilson Bootstrapping Series. Learn more about the events at the UW-Madison Office of Corporate Relations website.

Appleton Startup Accelerator, Oct 22, 2011

The Startup Accelerator is a free 'un-conference' for anyone starting a project or business. An 'un-conference' is participant-driven and creates an open environment for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity.

Startup Accelerator is an event where everyone is able to contribute and pick topics to learn or to teach. Bring your expertise, creativity and curiosity. If you have a project, are an entrepreneur, a professional, an idea person or just need a fresh perspective, this event is for you.  All attendees are encouraged arrive prepared to teach, learn and network.

Startup Accelerator Features:

  • Open education sessions selected and created by the participants, for the participants
  • Real interactive learning without the sales pitch
  • Freedom to participate in any session for just a few minutes or as long as you like
  • Relaxed discussions and a chance to make connections in the local community
  • Informal environment, no real dress code
  • A 'hands-on' approach with activities for building your business, your team or finding new talent
  • Professionals from many areas of business to help revitalize your marketing plans or social media profiles
  • Lawyers and business advisors are there to help with trademarking, patent protection, and business types
  • An appreciation for the innate talents of each of us, each of you. There are no 'star' performers here
  • A real effort to help you and your associates, friends, and business partners move forward and connect

The Startup Accelerator will be held at the Paper Discovery Center in Appleton on October 22 from 9 am to 4 pm.  There is no fee for entry, but we request donations to a local food pantry from attendees who are able to do so.  Food donations will benefit the St. Joseph Food Pantry.  Coffee, breakfast snacks, and lunch will be provided.


Milwaukee: Mark Huber:
Madison: Sue Carlson;
Fox Valley: Drew Fleck;

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Rockford Press (rrstar) profiled EIGERlab and the Startup Accelerator #5

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